Scott, that is blood money.  Seriously.  Those people that died?  That money has their blood on it.

You keep it?  You are disgusting.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Times are hard.

There were allusions to rough times in the McCall household S1. Now, years later, the house is falling apart and they’re three months behind on lights. Unless they catch up all the way and then pay the next month, they’re literally screwed. (Been there. the Power People are serious and relentless when it comes to repeat offenders.) Light problems = food problems = even bigger money problems.

Money is money. The cops don’t need it for evidence. The dead are dead. He’s not buying a new bike he’s saving his mother an ulcer and saving his livelihood. Not to mention, he’ll probably split it with Stiles. The only question now is how to pass it off as legal money. 

I could’t agree more. I hate to say it but if that were me, the moment I know the money couldn’t be traced, I’d be giving it to my mom and telling her not to ask questions. The struggle is literally real, we’re still in that kind of position. It’s one of the reasons why I can never hate Scott, he’s a family man through and through. He’s a mamma’s boy and its the biggest trait I relate to him with.  

Stiles is keeping the money too it looks like, so why is your hate directed at Scott only?
You don’t actually need to answer, we all know the reason why

Apologies for the quality, my computer shit the bed last night so I’m stuck with paper and pencil

Also not drawn but I refuse to believe that Scott and Stiles didn’t slow motion fliff the money into the air like they were in a rap video for at least a LITTLE bit

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Grant Gustin attends ‘The Flash’ press line at Comic Con 2014, July 26

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